Oncology Center

ONCO HSC is an 800m² facility that is totally integrated to the structure of the Hospital. It is a sophisticated clinic that combines humanization principles with the safety of a hospital environment.

ONCO HSC provides patients with a comfortable and quiet environment. It has 12 individualized treatment rooms, 4 consulting rooms, 1 study/meeting room, 1 emergency room, and all the infrastructure of the hospital complex.

The short-term treatment rooms have custom-made armchairs, televisions, auxiliary tables, sound system with headphones, and a specific place for the companion. The long-term treatment rooms are fully automated, with electric beds, cardiac monitors, and individual bathrooms.

Another positive perspective adopted at ONCO HSC is a more humanized approach, which has been in practice since 1998. The clinic offers the expertise of several professionals specialized in oncology, who work in an interdisciplinary way on behalf of patients’ health and recovery.

In addition to ONCO HSC, the structure also houses an Infusion Center (Rhemaucare). It was the first one in Santa Catarina State and is the only one in the city prepared to use immunobiological treatment.

With differentiated services and a specialized team who takes care of people’s well-being, HSC Blumenau guarantees the best care. After all, life deserves the best treatment.

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