Diagnostic Imaging Center

For more than 30 years, our Diagnostic Imaging Center, Bluimagem, has been devoted to closely following each step of our patients’ treatments.

At Bluimagem, everything is done by a specialized multidisciplinary team, from diagnostic imaging examinations in different specialties to biopsies. And most important of all, you will get the care and the affection you deserve.

Bluimagem has attained the highest-level certification from Brazilian Accreditation Organization (ONA) as a result of its work. Because of this we are now among a select group of diagnostic imaging centers in Santa Catarina State. That is the recognition of our excellence in services, care and commitment to people’s health.

In addition to the fully integrated structure between HSC Blumenau and Bluimagem, our imaging center also has an electronic system that is connected to the hospital and guarantees complete access to tests for cardiology, orthopedics, nuclear and hyperbaric medicine as well as endoscopy and digestive physiology, for example.

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